NCARB ARE Flash Cards, CAB CSE Study Guide Book and Audio CDs

For anyone who is preparing to take the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards Architectural Registration Exam (NCARB ARE) or the California Architects Board Supplemental Exam (CAB CSE), our flash cards and study resources are designed to thoroughly prepare a candidate to PASS the exams!

Our Study Materials make testing easier by:

  • being written in a question-and-answer format, thereby giving experience in dealing with realistic test scenarios.
  • focusing on the "medium to very difficult
  • type of question that will be found on the exam, not simply "rehashing" previously learned material from university days.
  • streamlining pertinent material, thereby removing the typical discouragement that can come from being overwhelmed by too much irrelevant information.
  • revealing weak areas of knowledge, thereby producing the ability to focus further study.
  • providing a great amount of helpful, useful, and easy-to-assimilate information at a reasonable price.

All of our products are available online and you can order them directly from this website. Take time to read more about our NCARB ARE Flash Cards and CAB CSE Study Guide and Audio CDs.

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