NCARB ARE 4.0 Flash Cards


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We have found that flash cards are the best way for many candidates to study.  They help the brain to focus on specific information in digestible amounts, thereby making memorization easier.  As they are very portable, any time or place can become a convenient place to study.

We have prepared the highest quantity of flash cards available on the market.  Each one has been formulated to help candidates sort through and learn important material that may be on the ARE 4.0 Exams.

We recommend creating three stacks of cards.  If the card is known without any hesitation, place the card into the "known" pile.  If the card is remembered with little hesitation, place the card into the "somewhat known" pile.  If the card is difficult to remember, place the card in the "unknown" pile.  We want candidates to decrease their recall time so that during the actual exam, they will have extra time to focus attention to answering the more difficult questions.

We recommend reviewing the material as many times as possible before the exam, with as many in the "known" pile as possible.  Save the more difficult flash cards and review them just prior to arriving at the testing facility.

Please note that on the exam itself, there may be questions that seem to be asking about unrelated topics or topics that would better be placed in a different exam.  Because of this, we recommend preparing and taking all of the exams within as short a period of time as possible.  Some candidates do focus too much attention on one subject and then not pass an exam.  This can happen if they fail to realize that they needed to better understand these other, seemingly unrelated topics in order to pass their test.


The NCARB ARE 4.0 Flash Cards are available in the following individual sets:

  • Programming, Planning & Practice
  • Site Planning & Design
  • Building Design & Construction Systems
  • Structural Systems
  • Building Systems
  • Construction Documents & Services

Or you can purchase the Complete Set and save. (a total of 5336 questions!)