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bill_amorWilliam A. Amor, NCARB, AIA, LEED AP
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William A. Amor is a Professional Member of the ICC and a licensed architect in the 38 States:

  1. Arizona License Number 34217 (from 4-Oct-99 to 31-Dec-14); Amor Architectural Corporation. Arizona Firm Registration Number 13587-0 (from 11-Aug-05 to 31-Aug-14)
  2. California License Number C 24421 (from 2-Aug-93 to 31-Aug-15) Amor Architectural. Corporation California Firm Entity Number E0113092005-4 (from 23-Mar-12 to 23-Mar-14)
  3. Colorado License Number 3-5669 (from 13-Aug-99 to 13-Oct-15)
  4. Connecticut License Number 12389 (from 7-Dec-11 to 13-Jul-14)
  5. Delaware License Number S50006759 (from 7-May-03 to 31-Jul-15)
  6. District of Columbia License Number ARC101924 (from 24-Oct-2011 to 30-Apr-14)
  7. Florida License Number AR#0016825 (from 14-Sep-99 to 28-Feb-15)
  8. Georgia License Number RA011673 (from 30-Jul-06 to 30-Jun-14)
  9. Idaho License Number AR-2727 (from 3-Apr-01 to 22-Aug-14)
  10. Illinois License Number 001-017224 (from 26-Jul-99 to 30-Nov-14)
  11. Indiana Number AR10600173 (from 26-Sept-06 to 31-Dec-15)
  12. Iowa License Number 06589 (from 23-Dec-11 to 30-Jun-14)
  13. Kansas License Number 6050 (from 23-Jan-2012 to 30-Jun-14)
  14. Kentucky Number 6779 (from 16-Mar-11 to June 30, 2014)
  15. Louisiana License Number 7843 (from 7-May-2013 to 31-Dec-14)
  16. Massachusetts License Number 31601 (from 9-Nov-11 to 31-Aug-14)
  17. Maryland License Number 16739 (from 27-Oct-11 to 27-Oct-15)
  18. Michigan License Number 38387 (from 6-Oct-92 to 31-Oct-15)
  19. Minnesota License Number 45237 (from 3-Nov-06 to 30-Jun-14)
  20. Mississippi License Number 4901 (29-May-13 to 30-Nov-15)
  21. Missouri License Number A-2012004034 (from 3-Feb-12 to 30-Dec-14)
  22. Nebraska License Number A-4181 (from 27-Dec-11 to 31-Dec-15)
  23. Nevada License Number 4330 (from 1-Nov-99 to 31-Dec-14); Amor Architectural Corporation. Nevada Firm Registration with NSBAIDRD (15-Mar-05 to Indefinite)
  24. New Jersey License Number AI 14752 (from 11-Jul-99 to 31-Jul-15)
  25. New Mexico License Number 003647 (from 17-Aug-00 to 31-Dec-15)
  26. New York License Number 027258 (from 2-Jul-99 to 31-Jul-16)
  27. North Carolina License Number 10450 (from 07-Aug-06 to 30-Jun-14)
  28. Ohio License Number 12304 (from 24-May-99 to 31-Dec-15)
  29. Oklahoma License Number a5213 (from 11-Nov-07 to 30-June-15)
  30. Oregon License Number 4285 (from 21-Jun-00 to 30-Jun-15)
  31. South Carolina License Number 7355 (from 07-Aug-06 to 30-Jun-15)
  32. Tennessee License Number 103421 (from 15-Nov-06 to 30-Nov-14)
  33. Texas License Number 16599 (from 21-Jun-99 to 31-Aug-14)
  34. Utah License Number 6292127-0301 (from 31-May-06 to 31-May-14)
  35. Virginia License Number 015848 (from 09-Nov-11 to 30-Nov-15)
  36. Washington License Number 7829 (from 21-Aug-00 to 22-Aug-14)
  37. Wisconsin License Number 10139-005 (from 24-Oct-06 to 31-Jul-14)
  38. Wyoming License Number C2338 (from 12-Mar-08 to 31-Dec-15)

Architect, international instructor, and author of flash cards for the NCARB/ARE and a Study Guide and Audio CD’s for the CAB Supplemental Exam. Instructor of NCARB and CAB exam preparation materials for AIA Los Angeles, Walt Disney Imagineering and the United States Navy. Focus is on effective communication and simplification of complex code and general theory issues. Certificates of Appreciation received from both the AIA Los Angeles and the AIA Orange County for teaching seminars and providing tutoring sessions for the above exams.

President in charge of a Nevada Architectural Corporation specializing in architectural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, due diligence, construction defect investigations, and expert witness services. He has performed inspections on some of the most important high-rise developments located in the Western United States and Hawaii. Forensic duties include detailed inspections/investigations, destructive testing, research, and writing reports. Also includes coordination with experts in other fields; meetings with opposing experts to discuss defects, standards of care and appropriate repair methodologies; and deposition and/or trial testimony. Architectural and construction management services include developing and overseeing the repair process, both for projects investigated by AAC and for projects investigated by others.

Principal-in-charge of sixteen-person architecture office that specializes in new commercial projects and tenant improvements located throughout various portions of the United States.

He has spent thousands of hours researching codes and contacting governmental agencies, university and college educators, architects, engineers, successful candidates, technical organizations, and the NCARB/A.R.E. and the CAB to collect and organize information relevant to the exams.

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